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Texas Arabian Horse Ranch breeds and trains horses for pleasure and trail riding, performance and endurance events and some for the show ring. As a small facility, with ten mares, three stallions, and two stud colts and foals, we aim to produce healthy, strong, and loving Arabians.

All of the horses were born at the ranch here in San Marcos, between Austin and San Antonio, Texas. We cultivate a pleasant disposition and great stamina in all the horses while maintaining an intimate relationship with each and every one of them.

Stud services are arranged on a bartering or exchange basis; or for a reasonable cash amount. Riding lessons are for adults only and are available year round. The main arena has layers of sand, is lit when needed, and is large enough to accommodate a few riders. The instructors are experienced and caring. The ranch is always in need of experienced riders and trainers as foals become fillies and colts and need to start training in preparation for their future.

Twenty years ago I traded for a grandson of Bask and a daughter of the Black Stallion, Cass Ole. Longhorns and Nubian goats followed and I felt set to start life on the land, aiming for independence and self-sufficiency. Years passed and times changed and here I am with more horses than I have time and energy for. Hence my mission became to prepare them for the market and for new owners and homes where their potential can be honed and tested.

If you are in the neighborhood, please drop by and take a look at our offerings. You cannot fail to find what will attract your attention. And if you are in distant corners take a peek and tell us what you think, regardless of your interest. Nothing sparks my interest like a wise comment or an insight I am blind to see. There is a section that is a Forum where I feel the urge to challenge certain holy beliefs and unravel the philosophic underpinnings of some high and lofty assumptions of individuals and organizations. Life is a challenge and the true challenge is to keep exploring for possibilities to see things differently and unearth new ideas and values that challenge convention and the status quo. Make it work.

And while you are here, I like to mention, true to my innate nomadic spirit, to visit our Tribal Oriental Textiles gallery. These are hand woven tribal creations by nomads who live in tune with the cycles of the seasons moving their livestock from hill to valley in search of raindrops on pastures. Qashgai saddles and camel bags, flat weaves from Persia, Afghanistan and Turkey and a large assortment of rugs/carpets from different tribes from different regions.

As an entrepreneur I am open to any and all dealings, in cash or otherwise, that are bona fide offers for my possessions. Horse transportation is available everywhere. Fair deals with fair people are the essence of commerce. Our horses are not commodities, but loyal companions to enrich our lives, attune us to the universal rhythms, and to be there when few others are around to love, console with, or admire their beauty, grace, and strength.

May the winds of the desert and the stars at night guide your path to find that true companion in a horse who loves you as much as you dare to be loyal to the relation.


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